Virgin and Child, Prophet Elijah, Saint Charalampus


Virgin and Child, Prophet Elijah, Saint Charalampus.

Tempera on wood.

This image of the Mother of Christ with a gold background follows the model I hodighitria, "the Guide". She raises her hand toward the Infant Jesus to signify to the world that to seek God one must pass through Christ. She is surrounded by the archangel Saints Michael and Gabriel.

Lower part of the the icon are represented:
- at left: the Prophet Elijah, between two rocks, hiding in the desert under God's orders. Elijah fought his entire life against paganism. We attribute the power of the elements, particularly thunder and lightening, to him.
- at right: Saint Charalampus blessing and holding the Book of Gospels. He is called upon to relieve illnesses.

This ancient icon, of monastic character, probably is from central Greece.

Some wear and restorations.

Provenance : Greece

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