Villiers du Terrage family archives: patents, letters, genealogy tree, diplomas, verbal processes, etc.



•-A3- Two patents from Pope Léon XIII, to Maurice de Villiers du Terrage. 1897-1909.
•-A4- Collection of posters, several pertaining to t de Villiers du Terrage, Prefect of Pyrénées Orientales. 1815 & circa
•-A5- Collection of diplomas (Legion of honour, baccalauréat etc.). 19th Century.
•-A7- De Villiers du Terrage family genealogy tree. Late 19th Century. Few pieces on parchment.
•-A13- Orange binder containing military, family, political, administrative letters.
•-A15 A, B, C, D, E- five cardboard boxes containing family documents: : inventories, testaments, certificates of civics, invitations, letters, civil administration, genealogy, diplomas, nominations, notary acts, etc.
•-A19- Retelling of trip to Valenciennes, en frimaire an II de la république (French Republican Calendar)
•-A20- Verbal processes during provisional assembly sessions in province of Hainaut. Paris, Demonville, 1788. Printed in-4°, paper bound
•-A22- Letters from Marc and Jacques Etienne de Villiers, to Marc Etienne de Villiers du Terrage. 1755-1793.

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