Two signed autograph letters by Alexandre and Charles (de) LAMETH, (1791 and 1793)


Two signed autograph letters by Alexandre and Charles (de) LAMETH, 1791 and 1793, Two pp. ½ in-8 octavo. Included with their portraits

Alexandre Malo de LAMETH (1760-1829), politician.
L.A.S. to citizen Duméril, secretary of Amiens district. S.l., 30th day of 1st month during second year of Republic (October 21, 1793). 1 pp. ½ bi-folded in-8 octavo, address on verso
Business letter to the Deputy of Péronne: Je vous serais très obligé, citoyen, de vouloir bien remettre seulement pour quelques jours la déclaration que j’ai faite de mes biens pour fixer ce que je dois fournir à l’emprunt forcé attendu que j’aurais des changement à y faire. Le porteur de la lettre adressera le reçu pour que tout soit en règle. Auriez-vous la bonté de me mander si ce n’est pas une herreur si nous sommes portés sur un état qu’un commissaire nous a montrer hier pour le contingent de la commune d’Hennecourt de 4 sacs par semaine de farine du poid de 325 L ; une heure après, cette demande est parti pour Roye, ainsi notre commune à remplie ses devoirs ; nos voisins ayant plus de terre que nous, n’y sont portés que pour un ou deux sacs (…) Tant que nous auront du bled, il sera aux ordres des réquisitions ; mais calculs fait, dans très peu de mois, il ne nous en restera pas, en ayant déjà fourni la moitié de notre récolte (…). I would appreciate if you, citizen, for a few days issue the statement for renovations on my property for the needed loan that I am expecting. The bearer of the letter send the receipt to get everything in order. Would you kindly let me know if this is not an error if we carried to a state commissioner in Hennecourt commune yesterday 4 bags of flour per week weighing 325 L; one hour later this order left for Roye and was filled; our neighbors with more land than us, only had one or two bags [...] as long as we have the wheat there are orders of requisitions, but according to a few months of calculations we will have no more for having already providing half our crops [...]).
Included: Portrait of Alexandre Lameth, deputy of Péronne, engraved by Fiesinger after Guerin.

Charles Malo de LAMETH (1757-1832), military, politician, Autograph signed letter, Paris, 26 (January) 1791, 1 pp in-8 octavo
Lameth recommened Sire Lacrois, regiment sargent of Vivarais. (…) Il vous mettra sur les yeux les pièces qui justiffient qu’il n’a eu aucune part à l’insurrection de ce régiement. Je vous prie de vouloir bien, lorsque vous serez convaincu de son innocence, lui accorder la protection qu’il a le droit d’attendre de votre justice (…) ([...] Before you are works that justify no involvement of the insurrection by this regiment. Please, when you are convinced of his innocence, give him the protection he is entitled to expect from your justice [...]).
Included: portrait of Charles Lameth, deputy of Artois, engraved by Fiesinger after Guerin.

Charles Malo de Lameth (1757-1832) distinguished himself during the American Revolution during the siege of Yorktown, he was then promoted to Colonel of King’s cuirassiers and tile of honorable gentleman to Count of Artois. As Deputy of Artois nobility during the General Sessions he adopted new ideas while with left party of Assembly. Member of the Surveillance Committee, he pursued the old guard of Barentin sceaux in 1790, he fought a duel with Duke of Castries offended by the Assembly tribunal; Lameth was wounded and received congratulations from civic deputy status while the Castries town hall was being ransacked from French Revolution followers. Elected President of Assembly in July 1791, he was sent to Northern Army as Camp Marshall. The changing events he took a leave of absence and was arrested in Rouen while traveling to the Hague with his family, seeking to emigrate to Hamburg and join his brothers. Bonaparte delisted the emigrants and nominated him Governor of Würzburg in 1809, then Santoña on Bay of Biscay in 1812. Lameth continued politics in 1892 as deputy of Seine-et-Oise.

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