Tite Live. Three volumes, 1665


TITE LIVE. [Johann Friedrich Gronow, Johannes Fredericus Gronovius]. Titi Livii historiarum quod extat, cum perpetuis Gronovii et Variorum notis. Amsterdam, Louis & Daniel Elzevier, 1665

Three in-8 octavo volumes, blonde full calfskin binding, three gilt threadings frame the boards, decorated ribbed spine (with alternating lettering), all edges red (binding of the era)
With alternating letterings for Jesuits (IHS) and Fouquet (double phi). Each with three title pages, manuscript ex-libris nameplates for Parisian college for Jesuits. The superintendent Fouqut gave an important pension to Collège des Jésuites (1655) ; the purchased books via this pension are bound with the alternating lettering for Jesuits and Nicolas Fouquet. During the dissolution of the Order (1764), the books were attributed to the University, who kept ten thousand and sold the rest.

Restored crowns (and slightly damaged), one cracked mors on upper part.
Willems, 1358

Rare and fine examples recalling Nicolas Fouquet’s glory...

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