Silver-plated and silver-mounted flatware service set


Ivory and silver-mounted salad flatware set and leg of lamb service, decoration of shells and acanthus leaf clasps.
We are including a silver-plated leg of lamb holder from the firm CHRISTOFLE with acanthus leaf clasps.

Asparagus server with silver-mounted handles with decoration of laurel branch sprays, acanthus leaf clasps and blossoms.

Metal and silver-mounted pie server with decoration of palmettes, gadroons and acanthus leaf clasps.

Pierced metal and silver-mounted strawberry server with decoration of mistletoe branches, ribbon bows and ribbon-tied reeds.

Metal and silver-mounted petits fours service with decoration of laurel leaves and acanthus leaf clasps.

Total weight: 961 gr. (2 lbs.).

Within their cases of origin.

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