Silver coffeepot from “bouche du Roi” service


Silver coffeepot from “bouche du Roi” service

Finial chiseled with foliages decoration and waterleaves frieze on circumference. Matted-ground spout decorated with foliaged scrollwork and palmettes. Ebony handle. Body engraved with “grand coat of arms of France” atop tripod support with decoration of cornucopia, palmettes and terminateing with claw feet. Engraved “3 T / N°2” underneath

Silversmith maker’s mark of Jean Charles CAHIER, 1) 34 Quai des Orfèvres 2) idem, 3) 283 rue Saint Honoré

Insculptation 1)1801. 2) 1810 3) 1816-1817

Jean Charles CAHIER (1772 - circa 1849) took over in 1819 the Biennais establishment which was one of his competitors . It included the ground floor, storage, stables and first floor.
Despite his special proximity with Royal power, he bankrupted in 1828.

Hallmark of old man (1819-1838) and large part of guild mark has rubbed off.

Restoration Period

Height: 21 cm (8-1/4 in.).

Fairly good condition

Since 16th century France, the table service has been called “Maison Bouche” for the king and “Bouche du Roi” for his family. Under the Restoration, Louis XVIII renewed this Old Regime tradition.

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