Set of four documents


Set of four documents:

a) Certificate for Captain de Rousseville, a company commander of Coast Guard for Cotentin, to recognize the good work of company lieutenant to Sieur de Beaudres.
A printed page and handwritten. Done at Versailles May 20, 1748.
Bearing signatures "Louis" and "Phillipeaux".

b) "State costs of Dragoons regiment during the winter and summer"
A large handwritten page detailing the costs incurred by six dragoon regiments and their staffs. Ancien Regime period.

c) Testimony of friendship to a writing teacher at Combes, mayor of the town of Millau.
Calligraphy drawing of birds, friezes with acrostic poem. Made on January 25, 1818.

d) Review of cavalry squadron.
Booklet of 8 handwritten pages detailing the related name, rank and comment, positive or negative, on the soldier and it is systematically determined whether the soldier can read or not. Annotated on the first page "Notes given by Mr de Mauleon, in March 1821. "

Fairly good condition.

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