School notebooks. Seven manuscripts, 1815 and 1832



Seven French manuscripts. 1815 and 1832. In-8 octavo and in-4 quarto format, fine penmanship

Touching example of a schoolgirl from Nevers , Pauline Paul, with her notebooks for History and collection of poems during the Restoration era, shortly after the fall of the Empire ;
Notebook 1 : Life of Louis 16 named Bourbon. June-August 1815 . pp 1-34 . In-4 quarto, green tying.
Life of Louis XVI during the Revolution, and his last moments, commented in hagiographic manner containing the King’s testament, and an excerpt fromMarie Antoinette’s story. Exclamation title: " Long live our good King Louis XVIII"
Notebook 2 & 3: Geography Workbook (...) . October 1815 . pp 1-23. In-4 quarto, pink silk tying. Manners of people (...) . November 1815 . Pp 1-53 . In-4 quarto, blue silk tying; bearing a notably unfavorable judgement towards Bonaparte, who studied the speech to arise to the throne, but it was such a bad subject that he was driven by his fall and the crown was returned to the Bourbons (...) .
Notebook 4 : Book of Hymns for Pauline Paul’s use. Started in May 1814. pp. 1-107. In-4 quarto, in-fine index, pink twine tying, including 4 pp in-12 duodecimo.
Notebook 5 : Extract from a Comedy, L’Isle heureuse (The Happy Island). N.d. 30 pp. in-4 quarto, paper-bound .
Notebooks 6 and 7: Songbook . Started in May 1832 by Pauline Ressé. 1-6 pp. in-4 quarto, paperbound with green silk tying; & Romances. N.d. 1-19-3 pp . In-8 octavo square, paperbound with lace tying. Collection of poems in the romantic style, titled Tyrolean .

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