Sandstone royal couple. India, 11th-12th Century


Sandstone with red pigments high-relief fragment representing a royal couple under a tree. Each figure carries in their left a hand a kamandalu pot usually carried by ascetes, while the right hand makes a ritual gesture (abhaya mudra), palm facing up, at right shoulder’s height, fingers away from the body. This mudra symbolizes no-fear power, associated with the god Shiva. Couple of orants at the stele’s base making the adoration gesture (añjali mudrā). Two other small side figures are seated on stele’s upper part on both sides of the royal figures.

Central India or Rajasthan, 11th-12th Century

Height: 40 cm (15-3/4 in.) - Width: 25,3 cm (10 in.) - Depth: 7,5 cm (3 in.).

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