Salvador Dali and Limoges. The Gala Dinners, suite of six porcelain plates


Salvador DALI and LIMOGES

"Les Dîners de Gala", 1981 (The Gala Dinners)

Suite of six porcelain plates with polychrome printed decoration, titled and numbered 132/1200 on the back, marked "Création A. Porthault-Digard"

The series comprises:

"Les délices petits martyrs" (The small martyr delicacies) depicting six elephants crushed by the weight of plates resting on their backs and presenting radishes, beans, olives, saucisson and prawns.
"Les je mange Gala" (The I eat Gala) depicting two limp watches in the centre encircled by two cakes of which one is shaped as a woman's body.
"L'atavisme désoxyribonucléique" (Deoxyribonucleic atavism) depicting a swan with a woman's head and tail as a tooth brush presenting shells, crayfish and corals. "Les cannibalismes de l'automne" (Autumn cannibals) depicting a monstrous crayfish cake circled by figures, castles and spices.
"Les panaches panachés" ( Mixed panache) depicting a fish with a woman's body placed on a terrine and circled by crayfish.
"Les chairs monarchiques" ( Monarchist flesh) depicting a pheasant with spread wings perched on a plate embellished with cakes, crowns and vases

In their original box

Condition report : Foxing on the boxes

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  • 数量  6
  • Height in cm : 2 cm
  • Width in cm : 28 cm
  • Depth in cm : 31 cm
  • 参照号码 Expertissim : 2015080015