Renée Thomsen. Mother Sewing with Her Daughter, painting


Renée THOMSEN (1897-1976)

Mother Sewing with Her Daughter

Oil on canvas, signed lower left

Height: 80 cm (31-1/3 in.) - Width: 65 cm (25-1/2 in.)

Notes: Student of Louis ANQUETIN. She was encouraged early on by famous critics such as Louis Vauxelles and Elie Faure. In 1921, she was elected society member at Salon of Autumn. In 1932, she resided in the Casa Velasquez in Madrid. Friend of Soutine with whom she shared an apartment. Close to artists Ortiz de Zarate, Pascin,Kremegne, Dobrinski, Modigliani, O'Connor, Waroquier, Asselin, Dufrenoy,d'Espagnat,(Ext Bénézit p 612 and more).

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  • 数量  1
  • Height in cm : 80 cm
  • Width in cm : 65 cm
  • 参照号码 Expertissim : 2015070342