Pope Pius IX, signed autograph letter to Cardinal Lucien Bonaparte, 1875


Pope PIUS IX (Giovanni Maria Ferretti, 1792-1878), Pope proclaiming the dogmas of the Immaculate Conception and pontifical infallibility

Signed autograph letter to Cardinal Lucien Bonaparte, Vatican, August 6, 1875. 1 pp in-4 quarto, bi-folded (in Italian).
Autograph subscription signed on one letter, October 8, 1856. In-4 quarto half-page (in Italian).

The Pope celebrates his arrival in Cemini where the baths benefit the cardinal’s health and meetings over diverse propositions.

Included four signed autograph lines on letter addressed to him, by Ernest Desjardin, during archeology mission in States of Holiness, demanding apostolic Benediction; pro gratia servatis conditionibus necessariis. Pro gratia (…).

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