Pink sandstone high-relief panel. Northern India, 9th-11th Century


Pink sandstone high-relief panel representing a masculine solar divinity.
The solar god, wearing a kirita mukuta tiara, sits in deep meditation in a niche with small columns with ringed stems. His arms are slightly bent, lower hands are in Dhyāni-Mudrā meditation, right hand resting on the left, open palms facing upwards, joined thumbs. His upper hands hold two large opened lotus. His legs are crossed in padmasana (lotus position), knees on the ground, his feet rest across thighs. The niche is topped by a palm leaf and a capital with flattened and ribbed fruit cushion called tropical almond. The base of the stele is decorated with a lotus flower and two facing Gandharva (celestial musicians).

Northern India (Rajasthan or Central India), 9th-11th Century

Height: 42 cm (16-1/2 in.) - Width: 20 cm (7-3/4 in.).

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