Pierre Deschampsneufs. Psalmi davidici, 1643


Pierre DESCHAMPSNEUFS, from Vannes, Jesuit priest. Psalmi davidici, et sacra cantica quæ in br. Rom. occurunt ... Paris, Sébastien Cramoisy and Gabriel Cramoisy, 1643

One in-8 octavo volume, ocellated full red Moroccan leather, double framing with three gilt threading on boards, fleurons on angles (“Duseuil”), decorated ribbed spine, gilt frieze along inner edge, all edges gilt, marble paper on counter boards (binding of the era).
Edition dedication to Nicolas Fouquet, Superintendent of Finances and Viscount of Vaux [Vaux le Vicomte]

One 17th Century section has fully French translated psalms, in sublines.

Flaws: slightly moldy corners, slightly hardened binding. The ocellation (lighter dots) that are visible on the binding are not due to later flaw; it’s an evolved and sought design of the era, obtained via throwing acid on the skin.

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