Papal bull by Urban VIII, on parchment


[Papal bull of Urban VIII, on parchment]

Urban, bishop, serf of serfs for God, to his esteemed official tie with bishop of Couserans, salutation and apostolic benediction. The Roman Pontiff grants Jacques de Saint Orens, Diocese of Lombez, and Jeanne Noah, the Diocese of Couserans exemption relating to the third degree of consanguinity in order to marry, given the difficulty to find a wife or husband the same condition as himself. Granted at Rome, at St. Peter, the year of the Incarnation Sunday 1626, the fourth of his pontificate.

One parchment sheet, in Latin written in brown ink; ornamental letters; signatures. Missing leaden bulla

Height: 37 cm (14-1/2 in.) - Width: 27 cm (10-1/2 in.).

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