Pair of porcelain vases in the vein of HOCHST


In the vein of 18th Century German porcelain, Hochst.

Pair of ovoid-shaped, covered vases atop small pedestal fitted with two handles.
Atop small, squared pedestal with pink camaïeu decor of country scenes with a couple in 18th century attire on the front and a landscape with waterway on the other side. These scenes are surmounted with a laurel garland in relief and underneath, foliages frieze in relief extending from small pedestal. Flowers decor along the upper section and base.

Knops designed as blooming grenadines.
Gilded fillets along base.

Height: 45 cm (17-3/4 in.).
Re-glued knop. Minor shock on one handle.
Mark evokes gold wheel.

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