Napoléon-Jérôme Bonaparte. Signed note and autograph signe note, 1887 and 1888


Napoléon-Jérôme BONAPARTE (1822-1891), Prince Napoleon, youngest son of Napoleon I's brother Jérôme, , brother of Princess Mathilde.

French signed note and signed autograph note. Villa Prangins (Switzerland), December 1887 and January 1888. 2 half-page bi-folio in-12 duodecimo, address on corner

December 31: Obligated to go to Geneva, he regrets not being able to wait until 3 o’clock. Keep warm and wait for me at 1/4 past six for dinner (...). January 1st: What kind allusion which I am grateful. I am not the only one.

Included letter from secretary of Office of S.A.I. Prince Napoleon, giving the prince’s response and warning the correspondent that his mail is not safe from indiscretions.

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