MOUSTIERS : Covered ecuelle, 18th Century


Covered ecuelle fitted with two flat handles and with its multi-lobed stand, yellow camaïeu decoration of flower bouquets. Finial designed as flat button.

Accidents on ecuelle. Chip on cover and repair.

Ecuelles were not part of the table service and were sold separately by the Sèvres Manufacturing for bedrooms, cabinets and walk-in closets. They were used to serve porridle between meals.
They were made in four sizes and of either hard or soft paste porelain. Similar patterns are found at the Sèvres Ceramic Museum; Museum of Decorative Arts, Paris; Getty Museum, Los Angeles; and Wallace Collection, London.

Length of ecuelle: 27 cm (10-1/2 in.) - Diameter of stand: 24 cm (9-1/2 in.).

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