Miniature of Count Louis-Auguste-Philippe d'Affry, 1780


FRENCH SCHOOL circa 1780.

"Le comte Louis-Auguste-Philippe-Frédéric-François d'Affry (1743-1810) en uniforme de capitaine commandant les Gardes Suisses" (Count Louis-Auguste-Philippe-Frédéric-François d'Affry [1743-1810] in captain's uniform commanding the Swiss Guard).

Gouache on paper laid down on cardboard.

Height: 17 cm (6-1/2 in.) - Width: 13 cm (5 in.).
Original frame.

Minor losses

Count d'Affry was captain commanding the Swiss Guards from 1765 to 1780, and then was appointed brigadier. Father François Girard mentioned in his brief history of Swiss officers, published in 1781 in Fribourg, that Count d'Affry was at that time captain of a rifle infantry. Field Marshal in 1784, signer of the Mediation Act of 1803, the Count d'Affry was the first landaman of the Confederation. Count d'Affry was then 37 years old. He is wearing the Knight of St. Louis ribbon.

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