Mayer. Three volumes with coat of arms of de MONTMORENCY


MAYER (Charles Joseph de). Aventures et plaisante éducation du courtois chevalier Charles-le-Bon, sire d’Armagnac ; contenant profitables leçons à jeunes chevaliers & à dames de haut parage (Adventures and Pleasant Courtesy Education of Knight Charles-le-Bon, Sire of Armagnac; Containing Beneficial Lessons for Young Knights and Dames of High Esteem)

Amsterdam, and Paris, Rue et Hôtel Serpente, 1785.

Three in-12 duodecimo volumes, calf skin, double gilt threading framing the boards, coat of arms in center, plain spine ornated with weaponry items (binding of the era).
Three engraved plates by DELVAUX and LEBEAU, after MARILLIER.

Example with coat of arms of Anne Louis Alexandre de MONTMORENCY ( 1724 - 1812), Prince of Robecq and Grand of Spain.

From the library of Baron Ruble, with ex-libris nameplate (Bona fide sine fraude).

Flaked binding; one fragile mors; one unbound notebook for tome I (ff. 277/280); russet notebooks in tome II.

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