Louis-Philippe. Six signed autograph notes


LOUIS-PHILIPPE (1773-1850), King of the French

Six signed autograph notes signed by his paraphe in French. January 1831-May 1833. 7 pp bi-folio, in-8 octavo

Fine correspondence by the King, addressed to Marshall Mouton, Count of Lobau, evoking the National Guard concerning the May 1st holiday, Censure law; and with one particularly moving letter on the cholera epidemic in 1832:
Mailing a response to a news particle; on the attribution of the Legion of Honour in accirdance with the Count of Lobau, in favor of M. Fourchon, battalion of the French National Guard who was first to wear his uniform during the July Days (...); concerning May 1 holiday (1831), asking if there will be free performances (...) . If any, who will perform ? We have to think about it. What is decided on my side is that I do not want in any way and in any form, circumstantial plays. We will cause the rest when you wish ( ... ) Count ( of Lobau ) at the time of the epidemic in Paris in April 1832 : I come from Neuilly where victims are also increasing (...) . Mr Fain goes to the Royal Palace in search of beds and linens while you wait tonight for what will begin arriving tomorrow at the castle. This plague’s deplorable spread has no example and also the deep penetrating pain makes me do a lot of thinking (...) . He did not think to call the Council but wanted to meet before the Board of Health , Mr. Périer's getting better and better. There are some patients in Neuilly that are fully healed, but not too sure if that evil is increasing everywhere and with fearful rapidity . I do not know or imagine how to stop this terrible propagation (...) , his minister , about censorship of May 18-21, 1833 , the glossy public already growls of censorship, because it was not explain or included anything other than as a defense , and as for me , the remedy seems to me worse than the disease (...) . Posters are surrounded by comments (...) . He warns that it will be at the Tuileries and hopes that his minister will not be late, the king corrected an omission to be corrected in an amendment sent the night before; we will discuss all that. At a later moment (...) .

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