Louis-Philippe. Autograph subscription of four letters


LOUIS-PHILIPPE (1773-1850), King of the French

Autograph subscription of four letters addressed to the Baron Fain. 1832-1846. 4 pp. in-4 quarto, bi-folio, corner letterhead.

Subscription autograph four letters to Baron Fain . From 1832 to 1846 . 4 pp . in -4 quarto, bi-folio, letterhead corner .

Responses hand-written by King Louis -Philippe concerning petitions addressed to the Cabinet Secretary, Baron Fain :
- 1833: concern a bill and submit orders to the signature of Her Majesty, including on the liquidation of Mr. de Maupas’s retirement, former director of Charenton : the king replied: I do not have this Ordinance and I do not think it was addressed to me.
- 1834: at the request of Edmond Blanc to present urgently multiple acts needing the king’s signature: As Mr Thiers arrives tomorrow, Saturday, keep these orders so that he can countersign (...) .
- The claim of Mr. Cochranne , former governor of Dominica, presented by the Minister of the Interior, Count Argny , which proposes to insert its securities pensions for the budget; King's response indicates: I have nothing to say; it may be legal but it is not fair .
-1838 : Concerning the regulation of the succession of a Breton family; the king complained of not having the note earlier, saying , ( ...) We must understand that the date of the Act shall be later than the closing session. This is what the Charter outlines.

Included: 2 documents signed " Louis -Philippe " (including seal and countersigned by Thiers ) calling for the opening of House sessions in October 1832 and August 1846.

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