Lot relating to Jean Frédéric Carl and Carl family


Lot relating to Jean Frédéric CARL and CARL family:

- Bust silhouette, cut from black ground paper. With cartouche. Under glass, gilt wood frame.
Diameter: 7,5 cm (3 in.).

- Dictionary entirely manuscript that belonged to diverse members of the CARL family. 
One volume of two (From A-L). Half-binding and vellum corners. Approximately 500 manuscript pages written during the late 18th century-late 19th century in French and majority in German. Articles on the Fulton’s famous invention “bateau poisson” (fish boat) and one article on diverse CARL family members including story about Théodore CARL’s final days told by his wife as well as several obituaries.

Fairly good condition.

Jean Frédéric CARL (1750-1806)
Tutor at flax mill workshop in 1791, a pre-school teacher in Strasbourg in 1793. Member of the Société Populaire or Jacobins Mirror.
He was probably Théodore Carl’s grandfather. 

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