Lot comprising fifteen decorations



Lot comprising fifteen decorations:
- Three medals « Oublier… jamais ! » (Never ... forget). Two silver-plated, one gilt-metal and enameled. Ribbons.
- U.N.C. medal. Bronze, ribbon
- Verdun medal by Prudhomme. Bronze
- Three T.O.E. war crosses. Bronze. Ribbons, one being 1939 war cross with bronze palm leaves and star
- WWII cross. Bronze. Ribbon with two bronze palm leaves and one gold star. Within case marked “CROIX DE GUERRE” (War cross)
- Resistance medal. Bronze. Ribbon
- Medal for voluntary combat in French resistance. Gilt bronze. Ribbon.
- Medal of deportation for resistance. Bronze. Ribbon
- Military valor cross. Bronze. Ribbon.
- Two bars with 4 decoration honors each.
- Three fabric arm insignias, two from “Rhin et Danube”
- Arm cuff with honored association “Au péril de leur vie” (At peril of their life), watered silk.


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