Letter by Louvois to Marshall of Turenne and received given by the Duke of Guise


* Letter by Louvois to Marshal Turenne relating to the appointment of a surgeon and a good engineer.

Versailles, September 5, 1674

A manuscript sheet, signed.

"Pour ce qui est d'un ingénieur, nous n'en avons point à donner qui aye veu aucune deffense de place que M. de Vauban." (For what is an engineer, we have none other to nominate for defense than M. de Vauban).

Interesting letter telling Marshal Turenne’s concern to take advantage of Vauban’s military expertise.

Height: 32.6 cm (12-3/4 in.) - Width: 21.2 cm (8-1/4 in.).

• Received given by François de Lorraine, Duke of Guise, Grand Master and Grand Chamberlain of France, the sum of 1000 Tours pounds.

March 4, 1562

Parchment sheet.
Signed Francoys and provided with dry stamp.

Height: 14 cm (5-1/2 in.) - Width: 27.5 cm (10-3/4 in.).

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