Letter A by Tapiès -


Two-toned lithograph, brown and buff-color, on Arches vellum.
Proof bearing the printed signature lower right.
Few crease traces due to manipulation and breaks along the borders, yellowed strip (approx. 18 cm [7 in.] vertical) on lower page on verso. Slightly yellowed on verso.
Minor chafed patch on surface.

Antoni Tapiès was a Catalan artist born in Barcelona in 1923. After meeting Miro in 1949, he turned toward abstraction and innovative by introducing mixing of materials (dirt, sand, torn paper, rope, tissues, etc.) then sculptured volumes and assemblages in his works. He had a great interest in lacerations, abrasions and graphic elements, letters, stains in the sober tones (bistre, black and white). He always placed an important role with prints, engravings and lithographs in his works.

Printed : Antoni Tapiès

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