Les Œuvres de Pierre de Ronsard Gentilhomme vandosmois. Paris, Nicolas Buon, 1609


[RONSARD]. Les Œuvres de Pierre de Ronsard Gentilhomme vandosmois Prince des poetes françois (Works by Pierre de Ronsard, the Gentleman from Vendomois and “prince of French poets” ). Paris, Nicolas Buon, 1609.
Œuvres "reveues & augmentees" (Reviewed and expanded works)
Eleventh collector’s edition, divided with publisher Barthélemy Macé, but ORIGINAL EDITION With extracted parts.
One title-frontispiece engraved by L. GAULTIER (here in first proof) and one large publisher’s vignette on the printed title page.
Minor accidents were restored on papers 493 & 518.
Brunet, IV, 1375 ; Seymour de Ricci, 84, p. 181.

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  • Author : Pierre de Ronsard
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