Large, rectangular, thin earthenware plaque



Large, rectangular, thin earthenware plaque representing a standing Japanese woman wearing a blue kimono with a green belt embroidered with flowers. She is holding an open parasol in her right hand. Blooming prune branch and spider web behind her. Vase with stylized blooming red daisies with twigs, a brush post with brushes, standing frog sucking a rod and a mouse on the ground beside her. The scene is surrounded by a framework with turquoise ground enhanced with stylized Buddhist motifs, fans, dragons, butterflies and flowers.
Gilded fillets on the borders.

Signed in black J. Avez Délit.

19th Century.

Height: 71 cm (28 in.) - Width: 43,5 cm (17 in.).

Without a doubt, this plaque was painted by commission by a painter from the manufacturer.

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