Large cut-crystal table service


Large crystal service cut via grind wheel. Comprising twelve wine glasses, twelve water goblets, one large bottle cooler (can be used as a vase or table center) and one pear-shaped carafe with its stopper.

20th Century

Intact service, in perfect condition

Heights of water goblets: 19.5 cm (7-2/3 in.)
Wine glasses: 18 cm (7 in.)
Vase: 25 cm (9-3/4 in.)
Carafe: 30 cm (11-3/4 in.)

Condition report : Intact service is in perfect condition, fine turning decoration and charming glass models (dissymmetrical stemmed foot)

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  • 数量  1
  • Height in cm : 30 cm
  • Width in cm : 1 cm
  • 参照号码 Expertissim : 2016030283