Languedoc, Feudal pledge, 1305


Languedoc, Feudal pledge. 1305. Bernard de Ranco, parishioner of Saint Romain de Codières recognizes leasehold, under the direct domain of Bernard de Manso and his wife Gersende de Montrond his manse and chasement called Ranco, with three hundred-nine tournois deniers, a hen and half of another one, sestier and a half-cartal with white chestnut trees, and three parts of a cartal oat market. He acknowledges to be loyal and faithful; he made pledge by going on his knees and clasping his hands. Done in the church of Saint Roman de Codières, the 17th of the Kalends of June 1305.

Charter on parchment (19 x 66 cm [7-1/2 x 26 in.]) in Latin, bearing notary’s privy seal. Ornamental initial

Tear in upper section, small holes in lower section (minor text loss)

Rare standard of feudal pledge. Fine charter

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