Karl Lagasse. Haec dicit dominus, painting


Karl LAGASSE (1981)

Haec dicit dominus [...]

Mixed media on canvas. Latin inscription of silver leaf and marker against a black acrylic ground. Signed and dated 2013 on verso.

Karl Lagasse was born in Paris on April 4, 1981 into a family of artists. He began to create collages and graffiti at 7 years old then later leaned towards painting and photography. He sold his first canvas at the age of 15.
Today as a painter and sculptor Karl Lagasse exhibits mainly in the United States and very soon in India. As explained by him, his realizations are issued by a spontaneous and irrational start which follows his string of emotions. As soon as the work is finished he perceives his own subjectivity as well as truth.
This works are constructed as reflection points on his personality and inhabited world. His works from the series “Buildings” were inspired by New York skyscrapers represented his fascination for the United States and his need to construct and rise.
His paintings are inspired also by the city and all that is urban (graffiti, buildings, posters, etc) and his personal convictions. The result is poetic and allows one to know the artist better.
The Dollar is also a symbol pushing his admiration for the United States with the ornated phrase: In God We Trust. The same bill, 1995 series, year where the dollar was at its highest is presented with bright colors and different sizes. These bills contrary to one’s imagination are not still, they bend and wave rendering the works in movement. The work presented here is part of that series.
Karl Lagasse is simply an artist amidst perpetual becoming, responding always to his own desires in following the inspiration maintained via artistic awakening.

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  • 数量  1
  • Height in cm : 114 cm
  • Width in cm : 135 cm
  • 参照号码 Expertissim : 2015010743