Jacques CALLOT. Ten engraved plates of Martyred Saints


Jacques CALLOT (1592-1635).

Images of Saints.

Ten engraved plates (from a 122-plate series and frontispiece) representing the Martyr of Saints according to the calendar with each Saint’s day (each plate comprises 4 separate subjects). (Lieure 930, 1127, 1130, 1131, 1134, 1172, 1183, 1228, 1253, 1255).

Etching. Fine proofs excudited by Israël, white lower margin. Few stains, adhered in the angles. Minor tear on L.930, slight crease traces. Cropped margins.

Height: 10 cm (4 in.) - Width: 5 cm (2 in.).

The portfolio was edited by Israël Henriet after Callot’s death, coppers were then sold. The portfolio was commission by a French Lorraine sire who wished to dedicate it to the Virgin Mary.

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