Isle de France to Brazil. Amicorum album with collection of texts and watercolors by numerous figures


Isle de France to Brazil. Amicorum album with collection of texts and watercolors by numerous figures for the benefit of French exiled in Brazil. 1917-1918

One in-folio volume (34 x 28 cm [13-1/4 x 11in.]), red Moroccan leather ornated with municipal coat of arms (St Quentin, Vervins, Chauny, Soissons, Laon), gilt letter head (binding signed Gruel).

114 pages mounted by tabs (dismounted title page)
On the recto of each page (rarely filled to verso) is text (prose or verse) or one musical score written or signed by a personality and sometimes accompanied by a watercolor (by another person). Special texts include:
Cardinal Amette Arch-bishop of Paris ; Isabelle and Gaston d'Orléans d'Eu ; Pierre-Louis, Bishop of Soissons ; Louise Abbema (watercolor) ; Henriette Duchess of Vendôme, Princess of Belgium and her husband ; Nivelle ; Th. Dubois (music score) ; A.D. Sertillanges ; General Balfourier ; C. de Courtivron (drawing) ; Henri de Régnier ; André Peraté ; Pierre de Nolhac (and unsigned watercolor) ; Paul Bourget ; Saint André ; Juliette Adam ; General Ste Claire Deville ; Henry Le Chatelier ; Emmanuel, Bishop of Meaux ; Vincent d'Indy (music score) ; E. Moreau Nélaton (watercolor, autograph ?) ; Henri Lavedan ; Gustave Charpentier (music score) ; Count of Chabrol ; Pierre de la Gorce ; Miguel Zamacoïs ; Alfred Bruneau ; Ferdinand Bac (large autograph drawing) ; Maurice Donnay ; G. Lenôtre (unsigned watercolor) ; Emmanuel Bishop of Valence ; E. Babelon ; Duchess of Rohan ; P. Adour (two signed watercolors) ; Henri Welschingen ; Marshall (music score) ; Stanislas Bishop of Orléans ; Esparbès ; General of Galliffet ; General of Mac Mahon ; Mortemart Duchess of Uzès ; André de Maricourt ; Alfred Baudrillart ; Henri Bordeaux ; Franck Funck Brentano (and unsigned watercolor) ; Ch. Lefebvre (music score) ; Colonel of Ollones (and watercolor signed KTB) ; General L. Clergerie (and watercolor signed O'K. T. de la B.) ; Vogüé Marquise of Mac Mahon ; C. Macon ; drawing by A. de Penguern ; P. de Breville (music score) ; Jacques Emile Blanche (autograph drawing) ; General Vidal ; Raymond, Bishop of Mans ; Countess of Haussonville ; A. Messager ; Léon de Tinseau (and unsigned watercolor drawing) ; Charles Foleÿ ; Camille Bellaigue ; Remi Boylesve ; Stéphen Coubé (watercolor signed O' K. T. de la B.) ; Louis Bertrand (and unsigned watercolor) ; Em. Boutroux ; G. Et. Le Vigoureux (and unsigned watercolor O' K. T. de la B.) ; Paul de Coubertin ; one watercolor monogrammed CC ; Flourens (and watercolor monogrammed CC) ; Jacques Normand ; Marcel Bertrand (music score) ; Fernand Laudet ; Roland Bonaparte ; Georges Goyau ; Georges Hüe (music score) ; Maxime Formont (and watercolor monogrammed CC) ; Lucien Métivier (drawing, autograph ?) ; Judith Gautier ; Viscount of Reiset (and unsigned watercolor) ; André Hallays ; Henri Busser (music score) ; watercolor signed Countess of Astier ; Brieux ; Franqueville (and watercolor signed K.T.B) ; de Saint Quentin (music score) ; Baron Ernest Seillière ; d'Aubigné ; Colonel Keller ; Gaston Riou (and unsigned watercolor) ; Fontenailles (music score) ; Madeleine Le Chevrel ; R. Pech (music score).

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  • 数量  1
  • Author : amicorum
  • Height in cm : 34 cm
  • Width in cm : 28 cm
  • 参照号码 Expertissim : 2013020181