H. Neumann. Uniformology gouaches


H. NEUMANN (Second Half-19th Century)

« Les armées des Etats allemands sous le Premier Empire :
Nassau, Grand Duché de Berg, Bavière, Hambourg, Bade, Hesse-Darmstadt, Francfort. »
(German State Armies during the First Empire: Nassau, Grand Duchy of Buer, Bavaria, Hamburg, Bade, Hesse-Darmstadt, Frankfort)

Set of 71 uniformology gouaches

Within its half Moroccan leather binding folder marked with iron brand « ALLEMAGNE » (GERMANY) (accident)

Height: 26 cm (10-1/4 in.) - Width: 18 cm (7 in.).

Good condition. The engraved plates for Bavarian Army are executed by another unidentified artist.

H. Neumann, manager of Theater of Dresden, realized engraved plates for the German armies under the First Empire. Orlando Norie (1832-1901) was a painter specializing in British army uniforms.

- Collection of Théodore CARL, author of Soldiers of Strasbourg, in which the collection is now in the Museum of Strasbourg

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