Gold medal by LOOS, 1797


PRUSSIA: Gold medal by Frédéric Guillaume Loos. Prix d'Académie bust of Frederick William II. 1797. 172 grams (6 oz.). 65 mm (2-1/2 in.). Ref.: Forrer. Vol. III. p. 465.
Frédéric Guillaume Loos.
Eldest son of Daniel Loos, he worked with his father in Berlin.
Received numerous medals. Centenary of Prussian Royalty 1801.- Academy of Science .1786. As well as in 1797.-Marriage of Frederick, Duke of York with the Princesse of Prussia-1791-Erection of an equestrian statue in honor of John III Sobieski, King of Poland.1789.
Frédéric Guillaume Loos engraved in collaboration with his father a series of medals for the victims of the French Revolution: Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette, Madame Elizabeth, Louis XVI's children in 1793 and 1794.

Frédéric Guillaume Loos

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