Games table with system, signed This, fournisseur de S.M l'Impératrice (Supplier for S.M. the Empress)


Dark pear wood gueridon games table with fillet marquetry in brass framework. Swivel, squared top containing a backgammon game. Double, reversible top encrusted with checker/chess board and green felt. Three tapered, fluted legs with crossbar surmounted with a coupe. Gilded bronze ornamentation. Mother of pearl plaque fitted with bubble level.
Signed This "Feur de S.M. l'Impératrice", 32, rue De Bona.

Napoleon III Era.

Height: 76 cm (30 in.) - Width: 80 cm (31-1/2 in.) - Depth: 80 cm (31-1/2 in.).

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