French School, 20th Century. Portrait of Henri Fournier, painting


FRENCH SCHOOL, Early 20th Century

Portrait of Henri Fournier, 1901

Oil on canvas
Caption in red on upper part "Fournier, course Paris-Bordeaux 1901, Voiture Mors 60 HP, Moyenne 85 km 250" (.. race.. average speed ..)

Height : 60 (23-1/2 in.) - Width : 46 cm (18 in.)
Frame : 73 x 58 cm (28-3/4 x 22-3/4 in.)

Numerous restorations. Older re-lining of canvas

Henri Fournier (1871-1919), a former mechanic Charron who became a race car driver, won two big races for Mors brand: Paris-Bordeaux and notably Paris-Berlin, which was a great stir. The Mors driven during the Paris-Bordeaux was a 4 cylinder 130 x 190, valve automatic admission, developing 60 hp at 950 rpm. After these triumphs, Fournier moved to the United States but returned to participate in the Paris-Vienna and took the Hotchkiss concession in which he became the first spokesperson.

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