French School, 19th Century. Portrait of Jean Joseph d’Aiguy, Count of Crambes (1769-1799).


French School, 19th Century

Portrait of Jean Joseph d'Aiguy, Count of Crambes (1769-1799).

Oil on canvas.

Height: 99.5 cm (39 in.) - Width: 81 cm (31-3/4 in.).

Accident and older restorations.

Condition Report:
Painting was re-lined during the 20th century.
We note that the adherence is weak and the canvas of origin is slack in some sections, we point out glue "bubbles" as well.
There are five tears that were poorly restored in breadth between 3 - 25 cm (1 - 9-3/4 in.) long.
Some of them were repainted. Sometimes the re-paintings overlap extensively one another. These tears are visible notably in the layers.
The painting is presented under a slightly yellowed and uneven varnish.
In conclusion, the painting is presented in an average conservation state. It is sold without frame.

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