[Freemasonry]. French certificate 1818


[Freemasonry]. French Certificate granted in favor of François Léonard Auguste Bandy de Nalèche, 29 years old, born in Felletin, master of the St Jean lodge under the title of arts assembled at Orient at La Rochelle. La Rochelle, 6th day of the 11th month of 5818 [1818]

One parchment sheet, pre-printed, informed and signed with brown ink; large engraved frame. Red wax seal (fragment) applied with blue and white ribbons, within white iron case (missing cover).
Signed by more than 17 people.

Height: 36 cm (14 in.) - Width: 39 cm (15-1/4 in.).

Auguste Bandy de Nalèche was born into a good family from Creuse. Son of General Gilbert Jacques Bandy de Nalèche (governor of Bréda in 1810, superior commander of the Zealand Islands in 1814, Baron of French Empire), he was then vice-lieutenant, then lawyer, president of the bar, deputy-prefect of Aubusson (1830-1844), general inspector of beneficence establishments. Born on Felletin on September 10, 1789, he died in 1868. He was the father of Louis Bandy de Nalèche (lawyer to Councils, deputy of Creuse, Roman count), and Augustine (who married Charles Géry, Council for the French State, prefect of Algeria, then prefect of Ardèche, then prefect of Corsica).

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