Flemish School circa 1640


FLEMISH SCHOOL circa 1640, circle of Pieter van LINT

Virgin and Child

Oil on oak panel, a plank unfinished.

28 x 22 cm (16 x 13-1/4 in.)

Crack on lower section.

17th Century French frame of sculpted wood and gold-leaf decor on the oak (41 x 34 cm) (16 x 13-1/4 inches)

Condition report:

The painting is in a satisfactory state of condition, dirty under a yellow varnish that is partly brilliant. It is painted on an oak panel, leveled and healthy. A horizontal crack of 11 cm (4 inches) is visible on the lower right, 4 cm (1-1/2 inches) from the inferior border. The network of cracks is particularly visible in certain areas: the Virgin's right shoulder, the Child's face, his left arm and his two legs; some of the cracks are very dirty. The blue pigment of the Virgin's coat is oxidized.

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