E. Hugo. Silver tea-coffee service with coat of arms


Silver tea-coffee service engraved with double coat of arms.

Teapot, coffeepot, covered sugar jar and cream jug.
Baluster pattern atop four Rococo feet, chiseled with waves against a matted ground.
Finial designed as acorn.

Each piece bearing the master maker’s mark E. HUGO.
Late 19th Century.

Total weight: 1905 gr. (4 lbs.).

Coffeepot and sugar jar bearing double coat of arms under helmet.
Teapot and bearing the same coat of arms, differing from the two other pieces, under a count’s crown.

Height of coffeepot: 21 cm (8-1/4 in.).
Width of sugar jar: 21 cm (8-1/4 in.).

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  • 数量  4
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