[Cossé-Brissac]. Emblem, 17th-18th Century


[Cossé-Brissac]. Solar emblem on ducal mantle with Cossé Brissac coat of arms. France, 17th-18th Century

Piece of contorted parchment, gouache painted.

On large noble mantle (ermines on interior, Cossé Brissac coat of arms on exterior) held by duke’s crown (fleurons were cut...), one vast landscape with sun rays peaking through dark clouds; two mottos on wavy banner, one in French (« C'est Povr Uovs Qve Je Montre Un si Brillant uisage »), other in latin (« uobis retego scisso velamine ultus »). The second logo is inspired Lucan’s Pharsalia
which tells of Pompey’s death.

This emblem, with two logos conceptualizing the image, personifies the sun, in which its face is revealed to light the earth. We are tempted to see a tribute in this emblem, perhaps a flattery, offered to Louis XIV; but for this France’s coat of arms must be present. Therefore the work is more non-courtesan but galant: the theme of the unveiling face is of a lady whom one perhaps seeks?

This type of painting manner evokes Jacques Bailly (1629-1679), it is possible that this work commissioned by the Duke of Brissac, was realized in the Invalides workshops.

Height: 17 cm (6-1/2 in.) - Width: 23 cm (9 in).
Frame: 25 x 31 cm (9-3/4 x 12-1/4 in.).

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