Collection of seven decorations


Collection of seven decorations:

- Officer’s star, France, Fifth Republic. Silver-gilt and enamel. Rosette ribbon.

- Medal from French Red Cross. Bronze and enamel. Ribbon.

- Medal of Travaux publics - Chemins de fer. (French Public Works - Railroad). Silver. Ribbon. Attributed in 1937.

- Medal for Cheminots (French trackman). Gilt bronze. Ribbon. Attributed in 1944.

- BENINE. Knight’s star from black Star. Silver and enamel. Ribbon.

- TUNISIA. Officer’s star of Nichan Iftikhar, French manufacturing. Silver and enamel. Rosette ribbon. With button insignia.

We are including five buttons, pair of epaulettes with gilt cannetille and EAABC insignia.

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