Charles Gounod. Letter and autograph card, correspondance


Charles GOUNOD (1818-1893), composer

French letter and autograph card signed by Charles Sorbets. N.d. and July 1980. 1 pp in-8 octavo and card (business card format) with number on corner.

French correspondence from composer declining the proposal to arrange music with poems; (...) I have five poems on hand; I finished one right now for the month of March; only four remain to set to music; it is a matter of five or six years. You will see if I am available! (...).
The numerous business affairs and commitments no longer allow me to make anything new for the future. So please take back from my concierge the Vercingetorix manuscript (...).

Included: French correspondence to Charles Sorbets, between 1838 and 1890; letters of compliments and courtesy, acknowledging various texts versified by Sorbets: correspondence during the time of the Revolution of 1848, and Legouvé, the secretary of order to the Duke of Nemours, then the secretary of the Cabinet of the Emperor, Carafa Robert Planquette, Count of Lesseps, Camille Doucet, Sully-Prudhomme.

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