CALLIGRAPHY PAGE, KIT’A, signed Ahmad al-Sa’îd


CALLIGRAPHY PAGE, KIT'A, signed Ahmad al-Sa'îd and dated.

On an album page with marbling. Text of Arabic religious invocations in black ink on paper composed of one Thuluth script line on a green ground, and four lines in Naskhi script, surrounded by two kolkuks decorated with pink flowers. The last two lines give the date and signature "during the month of sha‘aban".
It was written by Ahmad al-Sa‘îd, meaning the humble one, the poor said […] Hâfiz Ahmet Sa ‘îd, to the students of al- Sayyed ‘Alî […] in the year 1251 H./1835". Shirazi khatamkari frame, restored.

Turkey, 1835.

Dimensions (within frame): 13,6 x 21,9 cm (5-1/4 x 8-1/2 in.).

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