Bronze skull of Marquis de Sade


Bronze skull of Marquis de Sade with brown patina. Numbered 16/99/ Foundry seal of Avangini. With the Marquis’s signature.

Height: 15 cm (6 in.) - Width: 15 cm (6 in.) - Depth: 22 cm (8-1/2 in.)

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The Marquis de Sade was buried in the cemetery of Charenton. The grave pit was covered with a stone with no engraved named and a stone cross despite his last wishes. In 1818, the cemetery was renovated and his body was exhumed.
Dr. Ramon, partnered with the Marquis’s personal physician Doucet, handled the skull for further studies. Dr. Spurzheim, a disciple of physician Franz Joseph Gall, the father of phrenology, borrowed the skull and actually had casts made by his assistant Dumoutier. One of these moulds are in the collections of Musée de l'Homme.
According to phrenologists, the skull of the "divine marquis" was "in all respects similar to that of a priest from the church".

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