[Bourdon (Louis Gabriel)]. Le Parc au Cerf, 1790


BOURDON (Louis Gabriel)]. Le Parc au Cerf, ou l'Origine de l'affreux deficit. Par un zélé patriote.
Paris, Sur les débris de la Bastille, 1790 (Stag Hunting Park or the Origin of Awful Deficit. By a Zealous Patriot)

In-8 octavo, tawny Moroccan leather, triple gilt threading framing the boards, plain decorated spine, a.e.g., slipcase (late 19th Century binding).
One title-frontispiece and two engraved portraits, those of the Duchess of Châteauroux and Marquise of Pompadour.
Loose engraved plate “Peixotte” (pp. 124/125) is missing.

EXAMPLE ENRICHED WITH THIRTEEN SUPPLEMENTARY PORTRAITS from 18th and 19th centuries, those of Louis XV (two different ones), Countess of Mailly, Madam of Vintimille, Marquise of La Tournelle, Marshall of Richelieu, Marquise of Pompadour (two different ones), Cardinal Dubois, Jean Law, Countess of Barry, René Charles de Maupeou and Duke of Aiguillon.

From the library of Baron Horace Landau, with ex-libris nameplate.
Pia, 1079

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