Bel Album amicorum du sieur Tixier, Heidelberg, 1576


Bel Album amicorum du sieur Tixier (Heidelberg, Nivernais, 1576).

One in-12 volume, full brown calfskin, cold embossed: double framing with multiple threading, fleuron in center and angles, ribbed spine with fleurons, hemp laces, all edges blue (16th Century binding).

Numerous sheets with printed framework (around ten with different frameworks)

/1: coat of arms (19th Century): azur with argent (silver) chevron accompanied with two or (gold) stars on chief and argent crescent on abisme (Asselin de Villequier or de Beaudrap ? Family).
/ 2 v° : “au mois de may 1682 le 12 du dit mois a deux heures du matin cest fait un grand tramblement de terre dans toute la France, on a point ouy dire que iamais il y en eust dans ce royaume ny allieurs un plus grand. Louis de Blosset. Fait à Coulon le 12 du dit mois” (during the month of May 1682 on 12th day of that month at 2 o’clock in the morning there was an earthquake all over France; should be noted there has never been a larger one west of the kingdom or elsewhere...Written in Coulon on the 12th of mentioned month) 125 v° :
/22: coat of arms (19th Century): sable with three chevrons écîmés with silver, accompanied with three trefoils of the same, two in chief and one in point.
/124: coat of arms (19th Century): azur with band of gules accompanied with six natural reeds. Annotation : “Amicitia scripsit anno Salutis 1890”
/125: coat of arms (19th Century): argent with or cock accompanied with three gules stars and held at point by azur crescent.
/ 125 v° : dedication page (Latin motto, French religious verse and Latin dedication with “domino de Titier”) signed by Charles de Wacogne (?) Parisian (April 1576 at Heidelberg)
/126: coat of arms (16th Century): azur with pale charged with five argent shields and flanked by two facing argent lions.
/ 126 v° : dedication page (French religious verse and Latin dedication with “domino Tixierio”) by Jean Anforrand (?), Parisian (April 7, 1576, at Heidelberg)
/127: coat of arms (16th Century): azur with silver cottice accompanied with three natural lilies, two in chief and one in point
/ 127 v° : dedication page (French religious verse, Latin motto, Latin dedication to “D. Tixierio”), by Jean Gobelin (April 9, 1576 in Heidelberg)
/128: coat of arms (16th Century): purpure with or (gold) crowned lion holding wheat epis with sinople leaf.
/ 128 v° : dedication page (Latin motto and verse, Latin dedication with “domino de Tixier”), signed by Nicolas Rhedinger (April 11, 1576 at Heidelberg).
/129: coat of arms (16th Century) by Nicolas Rhedinger: sabre with natural crowned stag, erected on mount, crest, mantles (see reproduction represented)

Few private collections between 1576-1662

Louis de Blosset, sire of Coulon (parish of Mouron, Nivernais) in 1682 (death in 1693), was great grandson of Ravan de Blosset, sire of Villiers (death in 1589) and of Marie Tixier, Dame of Coulon (death in 1604), she is daughter of Paul Tixier sire of Coulon. This Paul Tixier was maybe the “sire Tixier” who had this Album amicorum.

Nicolaus Rhedinger (Rehdiger, Redinger) (1525-1587), native de Breslau in Silesia, was a famous scholar. Governor of Breslau (now Wrocław). Martin Helwig dedicated to him the first known map of Silesia (1561).

The earthquake mentioned on page 2’s verso was well-known elsewhere. It is documented in Lorraine, especially Remiremont being the epicter (VIII level), then several one hundred kilometers around. Le Journal des Savants published an article. This earthquake is the basis for French seism.

Interesting testimony of studious voyage in Germany by a young man from Nivernais.

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