Ars Asiatica. Collection of fourteen half-bound volumes


Ars Asiatica Collection

Lot of French in-folio works, paper with Lafume watermark, half-binding, Paris and Brussels, G Van Oest & Cie publishing.

• CHAVANNES (Edouard), PETRUCCI (Raphaël)
Chinese Painting at Cernuschi Museum April-June 1912, 1914, (volume I)
• RODIN (Auguste), COOMARASWAMY (Ananda), HAVELL (E.-B.), GOLOUBEW (Victor)
Civic Sculpture 1921, (volume III)
Chame Sculptures at Tourane Museum, 1922, (volume IV)
• COEDES (George)
Khmer Bronzes (volume V)
• BINYON (Laurence)
Asian art at the British Museum, 1925, (volume VI)
• KROM (N. J.)
Javanese Art at the British Museum
Javanese Art from Museums in Holland and Java, 1926, (volume VIII)
• BINYON (Laurence)
Chinese Paintings in Collections in England,1927 (volume IX)
• GOLOUBEW (Victor)
Documents for Research on Ajanta, first paintings from the first cave, 1927, (Volume X)
• HALL (H. R.)
Babylonian and Assyrian Sculpture at the British Museum 1928, (Volume XI)
• COEDES (George)
Archaeological Collections at Bangkok’s National Museum 1928, (Volume XII)
Chinese and Japanese Paintings from the Ulrich Odin Collection 1929, (Volume XIV)
• VOGEL (J. Ph.)
Mathura Sculpture, 1930 (Volume XV)
Bodhgaya Sculpture, 1935 (volume XVIII)

Half binding

Condition report : Wear on the binding, major accident along volume XVIII’s spine

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  • 数量  14
  • Author : Chavannes, Petrucci, Rodin, Coomaraswamy, Goloubew, Parmentier, Coedes, Binyon, Krom, Hall, Levi, Odin, Vogel
  • Height in cm : 35 cm
  • Width in cm : 28 cm
  • 参照号码 Expertissim : 2015061084