Antoine Baron de Seguier. Autograph letter


Antoine Baron de SEGUIER (1768-1848), First President of the Appellate Court of Paris, Peer of France, he led the trial of Marshall Ney

French autograph letter signed by Count of Forbin, General Directer of the Royal Museums. Paris, July 22, 1816, 2 pp. 1/2 bi-folio, in-4 quarto, response post-script in corner

Letter by the First President Count Forbin, director of the Royal Museums, re-organizer of the Louvre, about paintings hanging of the criminal court audience rooms; What you have asked me is not of my concern even for my company’s owner. If it belonged to us, we might be forced to refuse your request. Part of the allegorical painting in the Criminal Division is part of the wood paneling (...) . Its hanging location that we do not regret, in regards of art, leaves a gap in the woodwork that will hopefully be completed by ( a ) another painting considered for affairs with an image of the mankind’s suffering divinity (...) . We expect this picture to be hung temporarily on the allocated border. In all cases , it is the the Prefect who must address your request ( ... ) . Give us this unnecessary sidelined by the century’s lightness. It is not possible in your shops that there is only a few Christs that under our fathers’ wisdom placed everywhere. We have five courtrooms. The first is the ancient Christ of Parliament by Van Eyck that Bonaparte could not return despite the wicked opposition of your predecessor [ he said to us; ? What do you make of this hanging? ] and the oversight of listing it under the name of Albert Durer. In two other rooms are Christ acquired by us. It is still bare in both criminal rooms (...) . Therefore a recommendation by the Count Forbin for the acquisition of stocked paintings by his administration via a pious donation to the Justice in our records; donations from loyal conservatives would increase souvenirs for posterity (...) .

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